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Our membership structure has been specifically designed with YOU in mind. No matter what your personal situation may be, MYGYM has a membership to suit your lifestyle needs. Below is a list of available MYGYM membership options.
If you are interested in joining the MYGYM family please call us for rates.

Can only commit to a minimum of 1 month? Well, we’ve got an upfront payment solution for you!
Perfect for those who are in the area for a short time only.

Very similar to the 1-month membership but at a slightly better upfront payment rate for the extra commitment.
It’s for those people who are looking for a little bit extra time but at a better price than the 1 month upfront…

Afraid of commitment? No problem; we have a flexible solution for you!
Cancel any time after the 3-month minimum term by giving us one calendar months’ notice.
This perpetual membership is paid fortnightly via direct debit.

Lock it in Eddie! An extremely affordable solution for a minimum 12-month commitment.
It’s so surprisingly cost effective you’ll be wondering why you didn’t do it sooner.
This perpetual membership is paid fortnightly via direct debit and continues beyond the minimum term (if you want it to).
You can cancel at any time after the 12 month term by giving 30 days notice.

The struggles of being a Student. We’ve all been there.
Don’t worry, MYGYM’s got your back! We’re here to help you out quicker than algebra…
Just enquire at our reception and we will show you how to keep fit whilst studying

We all know that good fitness and regular training helps improve mental capacity, is a great form of stress release and increases productivity at work and home.
MYGYMs Corporate solution helps make health and wellbeing a cost-effective priority.
Enquire now and we will work through some solutions for you and your team.

contact us for membership rates

CALL: 02 8347 1001


This 10 Day membership gives you unlimited and complete access to all facilities and classes*. Come and see why we are rated as one of the best Fitness Centres in Sydney!

* Available only to first time visitors who live in the local catchment area. ID required