Matthew Rains

Matthew Rains

‘There comes a time in your life you either have the thing you want or the reasons why you don’t…’

Matt grew up playing a variety of representative sports, including rugby, swimming and cricket. From this Matt quickly discovered a passion and enthusiasm for health and fitness where he soon commenced an intensive training an nutrition program that was designed to achieve a goal of building size and strength – to ultimately compliment his sport training.

After observing the substantial changes to his strength, fitness and overall appearance, Matt quickly became hooked into a lifestyle that had quickly improved every aspect of his life.

In a pursuit to learn more and achieve greater results, Matt devoted more time to studying health and fitness and later proceeded to complete a degree in Exercise Physiology – a degree that explores the effects of both nutrition and training, with a large emphasis on rehabilitation.

The skills learnt whilst completing his degree now allow Matt to provide his clients with an array of specific and effective training programs to help make the best use of their valuable exercise time.

Matt’s strong work ethic, extensive theoretical knowledge and experience, together with his genuine desire to help and motivate clients is a recipe for awesome results!

Qualification & Certification:

  • Certificate IV in Personal Training
  • Certificate III in Fitness
  • Certified Premier Personal Trainer Certification with Australian Fitness Academy
  • Bachelor of Exercise Physiology, University of Sydney
  • Senior First Aid Certificate
  • Registered Fitness Professional Fitness Australia


  • Muscle and Strength Gain
  • Fat loss
  • Injury & Illness rehabilitation
  • Personalised Nutrition and Exercise Programs
  • Sports Performance
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